About US

Creator of Mimo & Sophi

Hello! I’m Simone

Mimo translates to ‘the art of spoiling someone with care and love.’ We often say, “Que mimo!” to something we find cute and charming. Mimo & Sophi will bring you all that special mimo you deserve in your life and to your loved ones as well. Our beautifully-curated gift boxes are specially named with aesthetic words to give meaningful expressions to our lovingly selected items.

Sophi comes from the idea of bringing a sophisticated touch to our daily lives. Our purpose with Sophi’s Magazine is to share all the amazing work done by women with you. It is a space to promote ideas, connect with like-minded people, and present you with a diverse, fun, and exciting lifestyle.
I hope you enjoy our creative gifts and ride along with us in this journey! 

Much love,

Simone Henriques - Owner