It has been over ten years since I made the decision to hire a travel advisor.  I personally don’t have the time and patience to be looking online for the best flight connections or hotels and book all the tickets for my family. If you’ve ever travelled with kids, you know how stressful and how time-consuming that can be. 

The Founder of Travel Boutique, Fernanda Allen, has been my go-to travel advisor when I need a solo trip, getaway with friends, or vacation with my family. Fernanda’s service and knowledge are outstanding. She books, cancels, makes last-minute reservations, searches for better price and adds perks that are only available to travel advisors. Fernanda is also an avid traveler - from Costa Rica to Dubai; thus, sharing great tips on where to stay during vacations. You can see all her travel experiences on her Instagram account @travel_boutique_by_fernanda . 

Here are some reasons why you should book your next vacation with a travel advisor: 

  • They save you tons of time in case you need a cancelation or refund. They take care of the little things for you 
  • They save you money. Travel advisors have access to perks based on their working relationship with hotels and agents. They deliver more value to your trip. 
  • They save you from stressful moments. They can rebook and make changes to your flights, cruises, and hotels for you.  
  • They make special arrangements. They facilitate special needs and brings you up-to-date with visa and entry requirements into a new country. 
  • They share their firsthand travel experiences.  They know the best hotels to stay in and best times to travel in foreign countries.   

Hiring Fernanda Allen as my travel advisor has always given me the certainty of a great vacation.  She has booked many trips to Brazil for my family, trips to France, Italy, the Bahamas, emergency trips overseas, and recently, my upcoming New Year's vacation to Spain.  

Hiring a travel advisor makes your vacation stress free!