The art of doll making has not been forgotten over the years. It is actually quite trendy on social media nowadays! Parents are leaving behind the common store-bought dolls and shopping for unique handcrafted dolls filled with character to enrich the lives of their children.  

Doll making is such a magical process. The enchantment begins with the sketching, the cutting of the patterns, and the selection of soft fabrics. Followed by painting, stitching and the final touches to give personality to each doll. The entire magic comes alive with such harmony along the sound of the sewing machine. 

After years of working as a freelance graphic designer, Yamile Meza knew she wanted more. She wanted to give life and joy to her work and people around her. By 2016, she designed a doll as a thank you gift for a friend and she hasn’t stopped since. 

Yamile handcrafts designs like pirates, mermaids, ballerinas, Frida Kahlo dolls, and self-portrait dolls upon request via her Instagram @alfiedol

“Photos of dolls arriving to their new home and owner, are the best most gratifying thing I get to see.”  Yamile 

In her own words... 

  1. Social Media has a moderate impact on my sense of well-being. 
  2. I unwind with dancing class. 
  3. My happy place is Valle de Guadalupe. 
  4. When I am being pulled into many directions, I feel overwhelmed and usually my neck lets me know. 
  5. I know I can always be myself with my husband. 
  6. I feel the most confident when I have fallen into a workout routine. 
  7. My comfort food is coffee (is that food?).
  8. The song I listen to for positive vibes is Crocodile Rock. 
  9. My advice to myself when I am feeling low is It will pass, can’t last forever. 
  10.  I think giving is fundamental.