Pri Sarmento - owner of Sweet Cravings, is a wife, a mother of two and a cute dog. While she is surrounded by buttercream and fondant, she brings her heart and soul into elevating cakes to masterpieces. The magical transformation of butter, flour, colors and flavors caught her attention during her early years. As a teenager, she would venture into baking cakes for her family and friends.

While looking at her sweet creations, it feels like she masters them in such an effortless manner. Contrary to my own perception, Pri works tirelessly and with such detailed awareness to deliver not only a beautiful piece of art but an explosion of delightful flavors. 

As I design the cakes, I feel heartly connected with the most important moments of my client’s lives. Whether is through the joy of union or the celebration of a new life.  Connecting with my clients and building a relationship is what brings me happiness in what I do.”  Sarmento 

Sweet Cravings offers you not only delicious, but visually stunning cakes that keeps bringing great reviews and returning clients.  For more details, please visit her website and instagram page. 

Website : http://sweetcravings.us

Instagram : @sweetcravings.us