THE SINGER - Carla Berg

Imagine singing in multiple languages. That’s something quite special, right? Well, that’s exactly what Carla Berg does! She is a multicultural singer, performing in Portuguese, Spanish, English, Hebrew and Ladino (Judeo-Spanish). This Jewish-Brazilian singer uses her voice to connect and share her roots through different genres of music, from jazz to samba to bossa nova to classical opera.  

With her velvety voice, she makes sense of the world by bringing cultures together and keeping them alive. I sing to express myself, my history, and my heritage. Through music, I am able to honor my identity, and share that joy with others.” - Carla Berg. 

Recently, Carla recorded a duet with her daughter, Don’t Dream It's Over. They created a beautiful Mother-daughter tribute. Reviving the experience she shared with her grandfather (a singer) in her early years in music.  

Carla is currently working on releasing more original songs. She is also available for online or personal performances, small gatherings, fundraisers, private and educational events.   



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